Our speciality is to find and obtain all possible grants depending on your projects: from opportunity analysis to the payment of the grants. Our fee is due only in case of success.


application prime by project


  • Purchase of new offices, warehouses, shops
  • Setting up of business premises for own use
  • Purchase of rolling equipment (electric utility vehicle, cargo-bike) or non-rolling equipment (devices, furniture)
  • Securing business property (cameras, alarm, fire detection, mechanical protection system)
  • Bringing equipment up to quality, safety or hygiene standards
  • Replace devices with lower energy performance or install automatic doors to insulate spaces
  • Renewing lighting systems with LED or managing them dynamically


  • Review of work contracts by a lawyer
  • Drafting of shareholders’ agreement by a lawyer
  • Business, strategic or financial analysis
  • Strategic communication mission
  • Diagnosis in the context of a business sale or takeover


  • Creation or modernisation of a website
  • Improving the SEO of a website
  • Development of an e-business platform
  • Development of a new digital application
  • Implementation of an ERP, a CRM, a software
  • Securing an IT system


  • Foreign-language courses
  • Training in management
  • Training in the use of IT tools


  • Recruitment of a project manager to develop exports
  • Recruitment of an additional employee (only for micro-enterprises)


  • Exhibiting at an overseas trade fair
  • Travel abroad to prospect new markets
  • Creation of a promotional video in a language other than French or Dutch


  • Development of a technologically innovative project
  • Automation of production processes in innovative ways


  • Renovation works on a building that is more than 10 years old to save energy and promote sustainability, with regard to
    • the envelope (thermal insulation of the roof / walls / floors, replacement of doors and windows,…)
    • the systems (heating, ventilation, regulation,…)


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